Monday, January 11, 2016

I will thank you every day of my like because your love is one of my life’s greatest gifts. Happy 5th Anniversary.

According to the Mayo Clinic More than 120,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant in the United States. Nearly 2,000 of those are children. Every 10 minutes another name is added to the national waiting list. An average of 18 people die each day in the United States waiting for transplants that can't take place because of the shortage of donated organs.

January 11, 2011 I made the very clear decision to donate life to a wonderful woman from Niger Africa. We knew not of each other however, both had an indescribable and powerful dream just prior our meeting. Where did we meet? At a party in late September 2010. We spoke to each other for a few minutes and an overwhelming sense of "this is your purpose" came over me. Within a week of being poked and prodded for tests we received the news that I was a match for a kidney donation. Many serendipitous events revealed that this meeting was predestined and all I had to do was follow the guidance given. Which I did without hesitation.

Months of testing both physical and psychological. Yes, I had to speak with a hospital psychologist to determine why or if I was crazy for doing this. Because "healthy black woman just don't donate their organs." He obviously didn't know me.

The clearest validation for me was: My son Theo took me to the party. Theo is named after my father Theodore. When I was 9 Theodore (Ted) died of kidney failure as a result of long-term diabetes. Theo and Mariama share the same birthday. That is one of many "reveals" during this process.

January 11, 2015. Here we are 5 years later. All continues to be well. I see Mariama twice a year when she comes back to the states for her medical visits. Last I saw her she was happier and healthier than ever. I won't see her again until October 2016. Her visits are now once a year because of the successful donation.

I love you Mariama. I thank you everyday of my life because your love is one of my greatest gifts.

Today, I have a stronger connection to my source than ever before. I live life everyday as if it were my last and on my terms. My priorities align themselves quickly and clearly. I see the beauty in everyone and everything. My children often stop in amazement at how I managed to extent another human beings life. I am amazed that more people don't.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Celebrate Anniversary #4....Health, Love and Gratitude .

What can be said that already hasn't? In this 4th Anniversary that  Mariama and I celebrate. I'd like to ask one favor for all who has followed and read about this journey of love: Please consider that when you give to those who are vulnerable and most in need, you're not only giving to them but you are also giving to yourself and humanity.

"Thank you all for all the sweet words of encouragement and wishes you send our way. God will protect and guide us all this coming year." 

"Until we meet again, wishing you all the love, peace, happiness and joy that you desire. Cheers."                                                                                                                  Thea


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy 2nd Anniversary: A wonderful reunion

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It's been 2 years since this journey started. It is so great to see Mariama who has come back to the USA from Niger Africa, looking so good and doing so well. Her follow up exams are good and her transplant Dr. is pleased. That pleases me. 

I'm often asked how I feel after the kidney donation and I can say with complete honesty, I've never felt better!

Today I am a changed person because of this journey.

Celebrate Life While We're Alive. Happy Birthday Mariama

Happy 60th birthday  to my Sister and Dear Friend Mariama who
shares the same birthday as my Theo. How could I not compose a new post to commemorate your 60 years and Theo's coming of age as a teenager.

 What more can be said? We've said it all. We're just around the corner (2 months)  from celebrating our 4th anniversary.

It's has been a nice summer having you so close.
One day, I hope to travel to Niger to meet the rest of my family.
Happy Healthy and full of Love

Good Friends
An Unbreakable Bond

am as glad that you were able to meet my friends who have heard of our story and have waited a long time to meet you.  I look forward to celebrating more years of life together.   Bon Anniversaire!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Anniversary

1 year!  Wow … already. I am thankful for this divine opportunity given to us.  You never know what anything is for. I didn’t see the events of one year ago coming at the time, nor did I know why they were happening … in retrospect I can see that untold blessings would be poured out from ‘above’.  The biggest blessings are immeasurable: such as the way my heart feels and how my attitude towards life has shaped in this year. What a year! A year later I am so thankful for the opportunity given to me.  I am ever thankful for amazing new friendships, great health and a sense of peace that ALL IS WELL.

I would not want to exclude any of the many who have blessed me but I would like to highlight the  friendship of Mariama and her immediate family, the Bobbetts, whose overwhelming  love, friendship and support leave me in awe… THANK YOU.  The blessings which have resulted from the ‘giving’ make it abundantly clear that the ‘giving’ was the precursor to endless ‘receiving’.  This experience has demonstrated that giving and receiving are so closely and inextricably linked that they are ultimately one and the same.  What you put out you receive back 10 fold.

The life lesson is to be open to every possibility life offers because we can never see at the time how one event may lead to another. Thank you for sharing this journey with me and I send all my love to you all!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Holidays!

As I prepare for the holiday season I reflect back a year ago. I was weeks away from a life transforming decision to donate a kidney. Just over 1 month ago the now healthy recipient, Mariama left the USA. After 2 years here, in the States, it was time for her to reunite with her family and friends in Niger Africa. I miss her but I am certain our paths will cross again one day. Either back here in the USA or I'll take the journey to Africa. Maybe to celebrate our 1 year anniversary? She tells me on our skype chats that I have a large extended family in Niger waiting to meet me. One thing is for certain, we are bonded together as Sisters for the rest of our lives.

The article written just before Mariama left:

What am I doing now? An update on my health. At the suggestion of my gal pal Oneta, I went to see a world famous and amazing Naturopath named Dr. D'Adamo.  He is the originator of the "food for your blood type diet." He is also astounding at iridology which is the study of your eyes, claiming that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's health. AMAZING! After being in his care for 1 month, I lost weight and all my follow up blood work came back perfect. Perfect creatinine levels (measure kidney function in the 1 kidney). Perfect blood pressure! Perfect cholesterol levels. Everything is spot on!

As I continue to look for work, many have suggested that I write a book. I have been toying with the idea and have decided to give it a shot. I'm not sure how long it will take to complete but I am excited to tap into my creative writing skills.For those of you who have followed this blog, I'm interested in your thoughts and title suggestions. :-)

I like to extend to you all the love and peace for this holiday season and the New Year.

"The symbol of Christmas is a star, a light in the darkness. See it not outside yourself, but shining in the Heaven within and accept it as the sign that the time of Christ has come." A Course In Miracles

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Really, really, it's a miracle!

September 2011

Really, really, it's everyones miracle. At first some thought it is a miracle for Mariama. Then I realised it is a miracle for both of us. Why?  Because we have both been enormously blessed by the experience.
Ultimately, I understoond that the miracle is shared by everyone who has shared this experience with us. You, the reader of this blog, friends, family and everyone who has been touched by the story. Mariama and I are just so thankful and grateful for the love, support, kindness and friendship that everyone involved has shared with us. We are forever changed and touched for the better by this miracle. Really really this is a miracle.

This journey started 12 months ago in September 2010. Mariama and I met again at the same venue 12 months later September 2011. We celebrated  the 10th birthday of her nephew Jaden and also the birth of a life long sisterhood bonded by miracles. We're both doing great! 
Jaden's Ladder Gala August 2011

Thank you everyone for this miracle!